Having grown up glued to the family piano, it was natural for Kirsten to continue playing music throughout her youth. But it wasn't until the resurgence of swing music in the late 90s when she decided to pick up the upright bass. She was initially inspired because she didn't see any other women playing it, but quickly fell in love with the instrument. Since then, Kirsten's played in several bands and backed influential rockabilly/roots performers. 

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Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands

Louis Ledford and His Little Shots

The Dee Dees

The Hot Rollers



The Swearengens, The Black Crabs, The Donettes, The Done Goners, The Heels, The Human Flys



Wanda Jackson, Rosie Flores, Bloodshot Bill, Marti Brom, Vince Mira, Miller & Sasser, Jittery Jack, Marshall Scott Warner, Johnny Mercury, The Sunday Saints, Shuggie B. Goode, Marc Bristol, and more.


Marti Brom: To Janis, Love and Kisses 

The Donettes: Pitchin' Woo, Kick Off the Covers, Hello Baby

The Black Crabs: Blast Off!, 13 Times

The Swearengens: 'Merican Woman and Other Tales

The Hot Rollers: Got Your Number

The Heels: Fetish

The Dee Dees: The Dee Dees

Redneck Girlfriend: Blood, Sweat, and Beers




...and former Donettes slap bassist par excellence Kirsten Ballweg...

-The Stranger


Kirsten Ballweg handles the bass with a Bill Wyman-style detached panache (Ballweg is also a killer Farfisa player).

-Three Imaginary Girls


The centerpiece of their tight-and-twangy sound is the upright bass of Kirsten Ballweg....

-The Stranger  


With such different covers you're not surprised to hear more than just rockabilly (very well presented throughout this album with Kirsten's effective slap bass) in their influences...Kirsten is swinging and slapping that bass like an old rockabilly pro, the guitar tracks are refreshing, and the drums stable as a breaker in the sea.

-Black Cat Rockabilly Europe


"Hello Little Boy" is drag-strip fast and sure to get your feet moving, likely at implausible speeds, to the blistering pace set by Kirsten's slap-bass and the high-octane energy of Rebecca's skillful blues singing.

-RETROspective Magazine


The Swearengens took it up a notch with their alt-country-rock. Guitarist/vocalist Fredd Luongo showed a lot of confidence on stage while bassist and backing vocalist Kirsten Ballweg demonstrated great harmony with Luongo during their performance. 

-Seattle Music News